Parsha Balak - I am not My Enemy


I shared this shu-shine a few weeks ago, but its message has only become more important during this necessary war for the future peace of both Palestinians and Israelis.  It explains how to hate 'blind hatred', for the sake of love.  Please share it with others.

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What do we do when evil kicks us between the eyes?  What do we do when darkness takes our children from us?  How do we respond to unbridled hatred?

How, when we feel a sense of overwhelming pain, hurt, and anger towards those who have hurt us, do we not become filled with hate ourselves, becoming our that which we despise.

Attached please find a Shu-Shine  for the Torah portion of 'Balak' - "I am not My Enemy"

May we each be blessed to channel our love, even in ager, towards creating a world of growing light and love.

With Love and a Smile,